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Promoting Independence through Wheelchair Basketball

Bangladesh has an estimated 16 million person with disabilities persons, accounting for 10% of the country’s population.  In 2004, the prevalence of disability was approximately 6% among those under the age of 18 and approximately 14% among those over the age of 18.  People with disabilities in Bangladesh have a right to government assistance, however programs have been limited in scope and limited to urban areas, and the issue of disability has not been integrated into general development programs.

 According to the World Bank, there were 13.6 million individuals with disabilities in Bangladesh in 2004, including 3.4 million children and 10.2 million adults (“Disability in Bangladesh”, 2004). These figures must have skyrocketed in 2023. There are several educational, medical, and rehabilitative organizations and government facilities, but none that provide sporting facilities.

Persons with impairments frequently confront societal impediments, and in many communities, disability elicits unfavorable judgements and prejudice.  Persons with disabilities are typically excluded from education, employment, and communal life as a result of the stigma associated with disability, depriving them of opportunities critical to their social development, health, and well-being. Persons with disabilities are typically considered reliant and unable in various societies, promoting lethargy and causing individuals with physical disabilities to feel limited mobility beyond the cause of their affliction.

Sport can help lessen the stigma and discrimination associated with disability by changing community attitudes towards people with disabilities by emphasizing their abilities and decreasing the inclination to view the disability rather than the person. People with disabilities can participate in sports. Disabilities connect well with people with disabilities, forcing them to rethink their ideas about what people with disabilities can and cannot do.

Sports for Hope and Independence (SHI) believe sports is the best gateway to integrate and reintegrate the person with disabilities in the society. It empowers people in way that it overshadowed the expectation to them. Wheelchair Basketball inspire people to push their limits and become part of sporting community.  SHI in Collaboration International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Bangladesh conducted two weeks wheelchair basketball camp to empower person with physical disabilities.

Sohed Islam Said “I am a victim of road traffic accident which resulted Spinal Cord injury. I am a full-time wheelchair user; my life will be limited inside the house. But after joining the Wheelchair Basketball camp I found that I can do many things on own. I am having best time of my wheelchair life. I am learning new skills every day, making friends, have fun and challenges them to do tasks. “

CSA football Academy participated in U-15 district football Championship.

CSA Football Academy (Chowdhury Shahabuddin Football Academy) a football academy of Sports for Hope and Independence Bangladesh played their first U-15 Moulvi Bazar district championship match against Potonushar Football Academy yesterday. Even though our boys played well but we lost the match. #shiBangladesh is incredibly proud of our boy’s effort. our sincere gratitude to Chowdhury for their continuous support to make this happen.

MC (Maqusuda Chowdhury) Girls Boxing Club Started

Poverty, inequity, violence, mental torture, and early marriage are just a few of the difficulties that girls face across the country. The obstacles they endure are, for the most part, far larger than those experienced by males. A girl must overcome obstacles both at home and outdoors.

#shiBangladesh believes that every girl should have equal rights and psychological safety in order to be seen, valued, express themselves, and live life confidently. Individuals can benefit from boxing in terms of developing self-confidence. Sports for Hope and Independence Bangladesh founded the MC (Maqusuda Chowdhury) Girls Boxing Club in collaboration with Sports for Joy (SFJ). The girls are receiving hands-on training from SFJ founder Paul McWilliams.

Girl’s exhibition football match held

Sports for Hope and Independence Bangladesh girls football team from Echamoti Tea Garden played an exhibition football match against Bhurburia Tea Garden at Sreemangal yesterday. The exciting football resulted draw.Our sincere gratitude to #shiBangladesh family member Ms.Mohua Mannan’s Zabeen Fashion House for jersey support. Special Thanks to Jhinuk Baidya , Shadhin Chasha , Mintu Deb for their continuous hard work to make this happen.


SHI officials Visited Kolkata to find a way to develop friendship.

Sports for Hope and Independence Bangladesh officials visited Kolkata to have had a meeting with The sports department of University of Calcutta & Jadavpur University, President and General Secretary North Kolkata Football Academy and the Management of Mohun Bagan Super Giant and East Bengal Football club.

Something exciting is on the way .


Champao Mro Join SHI as A Step-Up athlete.

Champao Mro Join Sports for Hope and Independence (SHI) and Coaches Across Continents (CAC) as Step-Up athlete.

Step Up athlete program is program of CAC. A tailored made career development program for professional female athletes, with the world leading NGO in sport for development. Designed by athletes for athletes; this program is the first of its kind giving professional.
players the opportunity to gain vital work experience, and develop their social voice and impact, while pursuing
excellence in sport.

Champao Mro is passionate young athlete. Who shared her journey with us

My childhood love has been sports. However, because of how negatively the
public perceives girls participating in sports, society forbids girls from playing. Due
to the fact that I used to play with the lads, I frequently encountered disparaging.
remarks from many sources. After elementary school, I coerced my parents into
enrolling me in a boarding school with females’ sporting opportunities. The
residential school had access to handball courts. So, I began playing handball. At
first, it was challenging because I was used to playing football and cricket, but I
eventually adapted and came to grasp the game. I began competing for my school.
squad in the interschool competition after a given amount of time. gradually
began to represent my district.
I was accepted to Chittagong University’s Bachelor of Sports Science and Physical
Education program for 2019. I’m learning new things and expanding me.
knowledge of sports thanks to this course. In the 2022 Inter University Handball
Championship, our team finished in second place. I recently finished the
Bangladesh Football Federation’s football refereeing course.
Being an indigenous person, I have always desired to improve my community by
providing chances. I want to be the first to challenge the myths surrounding girls.
involvement in sports so that no kids experience exclusion. Sincere thanks to
Sports for Hope and Independence, Coaches Across Continents, and everyone
else who made it possible for me to step up and realize my dream.

Archer Khadiza Khatun Wining medals

Our own Khadiza Khatun has started winning medal 🏅 in National 🏹 Archery competitions.

Congratulations Khadiza. It is great to see how sport transform lives and help people to dream big. We are hoping to see her in National jersey soon.

Homeless World Cup Conditioning camp held in Sreemangal

The Homeless World Cup conditioning camp is going on at Sreemangal since 10th May 2023. Players are working intensively to develop own skills and getting used to work as a team. Our sincere gratitude to our Homeless World Cup training partner SAJIDA Foundation for their financial support and Special Thanks to our constant supporter Chowdhury Welfare Trust for logistical support to make this happen. 10 Players has been selected to participate in upcoming Homeless World Cup.

Exhibition Football Match Held between SHI with Footy Hags

An exhibition football tournament held between Bangladesh Homeless World Cup team (Sports for Hope and Independence Bangladesh) and Footy Hags yesterday at NDE Sports Facility. To make it engaging and participatory the Footy Hags divided their team in Red and Blue , #shiBangladesh divided into yellow and White. Red Team become the champion for their last minute goal against White team. Congratulations Footy Hags.

Our own Pren Chong Mro become the Player of the Tournament. Mário Lemos , Head Coach, Abahani Limited was present as Guest of Honor. Our sincere Gratitude to Footy Hags, Chowdhury Welfare Trust, Loris Morfaux and NDE sports Facility for your kind support to make this happen.