Champao Mro Join SHI as A Step-Up athlete.

Champao Mro Join Sports for Hope and Independence (SHI) and Coaches Across Continents (CAC) as Step-Up athlete.

Step Up athlete program is program of CAC. A tailored made career development program for professional female athletes, with the world leading NGO in sport for development. Designed by athletes for athletes; this program is the first of its kind giving professional.
players the opportunity to gain vital work experience, and develop their social voice and impact, while pursuing
excellence in sport.

Champao Mro is passionate young athlete. Who shared her journey with us

My childhood love has been sports. However, because of how negatively the
public perceives girls participating in sports, society forbids girls from playing. Due
to the fact that I used to play with the lads, I frequently encountered disparaging.
remarks from many sources. After elementary school, I coerced my parents into
enrolling me in a boarding school with females’ sporting opportunities. The
residential school had access to handball courts. So, I began playing handball. At
first, it was challenging because I was used to playing football and cricket, but I
eventually adapted and came to grasp the game. I began competing for my school.
squad in the interschool competition after a given amount of time. gradually
began to represent my district.
I was accepted to Chittagong University’s Bachelor of Sports Science and Physical
Education program for 2019. I’m learning new things and expanding me.
knowledge of sports thanks to this course. In the 2022 Inter University Handball
Championship, our team finished in second place. I recently finished the
Bangladesh Football Federation’s football refereeing course.
Being an indigenous person, I have always desired to improve my community by
providing chances. I want to be the first to challenge the myths surrounding girls.
involvement in sports so that no kids experience exclusion. Sincere thanks to
Sports for Hope and Independence, Coaches Across Continents, and everyone
else who made it possible for me to step up and realize my dream.